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Girlguiding Essex South Essex is a county within the Anglia Region of Girlguiding UK. Information about the organisation, it's policies and guidelines can be found on the Girlguiding UK website but below are links to specific sections that you may find useful.

If you would like to know more about Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers and Girlguiding Inspire then vist What We Do

If you are interested in what makes guiding special and what girls and adults do in guiding, or would like to know more about the International side of guiding, then read About Us.

Information for Parents & Carers includes a section on Child Safety.

If you want to know what our policies are on membership and recruitment, equality and diversity, safety and safeguarding, learning and development, data protection, marketing, communications and media, finance and property. You can find them at the Policies page

The Trefoil Guild is an independent charitable organisation of over 20,000 members which has a corporate membership with Girlguiding UK Whether you have been a Guide or not, the Trefoil Guild could be for you. For anyone over 18 who supports the guiding ethos, the Trefoil Guild offers Guiding for adults; friendship and fun, and the opportunity to support guiding and scouting and the local community. Many members chose to share their skills and interests with other members, or to girls in local Girlguiding units. In Essex South East we have around 150 members in seven Guilds which meet in afternoons and evenings, with a variety of county-wide activities too. For those who like a personal challenge there is the Voyage Award to help you extend your skills and interests, while the STARS programme provides a framework for personal and Guild activities. For more information, please complete a Contact form and we will be in get in touch with you shortly,  or see the National Website at National Trefoil website

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