Girlguiding Essex South East

2nd Canvey Island West Rainbow Unit having fun in the sun

01st Sep 2020

We have met outside for most of August. We cancelled one week due to the weather, and we were  very lucky another week when thunderstorms were threatened, and we got away with just a few spots of rain.

We were due to have several new rainbows last term, but of course that wasn't possible. However several were happy to come to our outside meetings, which have gone very well. 

We started by spacing out laminated rainbows, so each girl knew where to be for the meeting. Each girl has her own labelled bag with scissors, glue sticks, pens, pencils etc. This is kept in a box, which we look after and bring to meetings. 

We have been working on skills builder.... Express myself, and have chosen UMA activities we can do outside: they loved stretch it out, and birdie builders. We made nests one week, and then birds the following week.  They have also done lantern lights, trick and turn, and tied up in knots. 

We sign and speak the opening and closing songs. 

The girls have been socially distanced throughout the meetings it has gone very well. We were rather apprehensive at first, but think it's worth the effort. 


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